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School issues cigarette warning

Brookmans Park School has sent a warning to parents and guardians about children experimenting with cigarettes in the village.

The alert came in a letter sent home with year six (Y6) children who are spending a week in the Isle of Wight and published in this site's Dear Parent section which contains all notes sent home by the school.

The deputy head teacher A.P. Childs said that smoking would not be tolerated and she called on parents to help enforce the rule.

“It has come to my notice that some of the Y6 pupils may be experimenting with smoking cigarettes. Apparently this has been taking place in and around the village. Although obviously the school is not responsible for conduct out of school hours, I felt I should inform you of this possibility,” she wrote

“I am concerned that, if this report proves to be accurate, while we are in the Isle of Wight, some children may be inclined to experiment with smoking in the privacy of their bedrooms. I have to inform you that if any child is found to be in possession of cigarettes, smoking or trying to obtain cigarettes they will be sent home immediately. I would be grateful for your support in this matter.”

If you are concerned about this issue you can visit the Have Your Say page.

June 30, 2001

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