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Motorists told 'slow down in village'

Does Brookmans Park need traffic calming measures? A local resident has e-mailed this site to suggest it does.

In an e-mail to the ‘Have Your Say’ section one local resident has complained about what he calls ‘the excessive speed’ at which some people drive along residential roads in the village.

He is particularly concerned about Mymms Drive and the top part of Moffats Lane where the road bends.

“Some (of these people) must obviously be from outside the district and (are) using the roads as a cut-through”, he writes.

“Most are quite obviously local people, in fact some are very noticeable by their personalised number plates, including some local 'celebrities'. “

“All I can say is, would you like your cat,dog or child to be run down by a speeding motorist who didn't leave enough time for the journey?”

Perhaps more road humps would be the answer - what do the residents of Brookmans Avenue think?

Another local resident has e-mailed this site’s ‘Have Your Say’ section about traffic on Bluebridge road.

“I agree with Jeremy Ewen about the excessive speed at which some people drive. The run down Bluebridge Road from Hawkshead Lane encourages drives to put their foot down and far too many are still doing sixty or more when they reach the village.

Bluebridge road desperately needs traffic calming measures before a child is killed.

Sadly the problem is not celebrities, in my experience it is frequently mothers on the school run. In an act of thoughtfulness they rush to pick up their own children to keep them safe, and put every other child in danger,” he wrote.

June 30, 2000 (Updated July 2)

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