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Tweet your local news

Brookmans Park Newsletter Twitter logo

The Brookmans Park Twitter account, @bpnewsletter, now has 44 followers, is currently following 28 tweeters and we have 126 updates (at time of writing).

There must be many more local tweeters out there who we could follow and who could follow us.

It's a great way of breaking local news, such as train delays, road closures, events etc.


You may have noticed that we have included a retweet button in the latest news story (on the right).

This means that if you find the item interesting and feel more should know about it, you can re-tweet the item (send it out again to all your followers).

We may be able to add this to the forum posts, too.

We often re-tweet locally-focused tweets (if we spot them).

A recent Brookmans Park Newsletter tweet
A recent Brookmans Park Newsletter tweet

Our tweets show up both on the @bpnewsletter Twitter page and on the front page of this site just under the main story in the centre column.

You will see the re-tweets there, too. They start with the letters 'RT' and have a link to the original tweet.

It only takes seconds to sign up for a free Twitter account. Just go to Twitter.

You can tweet from your mobile phone, which is great for transport delays or if you see something out and about, or from a web page. Be sure to add your mobile phone number to your profile.

Once all that is done, go to our account @bpnewsletter and follow us; we will then follow you.

Happy tweeting. You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

2 July 2009

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