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Public meetings on council plans

Welwyn Hatfield Council public meetings publicity flyer

Welwyn Hatfield Council has arranged a series of public meetings over the summer in order to set out its priorities and invite feedback.

The authority says the community's feedback is 'vital to the process'.

Councillors and officers will be on hand to field questions.

The topics and dates are as follows:

Meeting housing needs through the housing register, providing new affordable homes for local people, improving housing repairs and maintenance services for tenants. The Jim McDonald Centre Hatfield, Wednesday 23 July, 7pm.

Regenerating and improving town and neighbourhood centres, improving sport and recreation activities in the borough, improving services for older people, developing arts, culture and heritage services in the borough. Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, Tuesday 5 August, 7pm.

Customer Services
Improving communication with customers, developing consultation and involvement opportunities, improving how the authority provide services in the future. Jim McDonald Centre, Hatfield, Wednesday 13 August,7pm.

Improving waste recycling levels, improving street cleanliness, reducing parking congestion, planning for new housing growth in the borough. Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, Monday 18 August, 7pm.

Community Safety
Reducing fear of crime, reducing anti-social behaviour and related nuisance, assessing impact of Police Community Support Officers and street wardens. Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, Wednesday 3 September, 7pm.

Council Budget
Spending council tax revenue in the borough, achieving value for money, preparing for future spending. Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, Tuesday 16 September, 7pm.

The authority says residents will hear a presentation from council officers on recent achievements and targets, and will then be invited to participate in smaller group discussions on 'the key issues under each theme'.

Refreshments are available both before and during each meeting, and free parking is also available at both venues.

17 July 2008

Note: The information set out above was taken from the Welwyn Hatfield website. You can discuss this issue in the forum.
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