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Increase in domestic burglaries

Increase in domestic burglaries

Hertfordshire police say reducing the number of domestic burglaries is a priority, after figures reveal a 5.6% rise in break ins compared with the previous year.

Officers say this is due to criminals from outside the county travelling to Hertfordshire to commit crime.

They say they are now working with neighbouring forces to tackle the issue, and says that since April, the force has more than doubled the number of burglars caught and brought to justice.

On the issue of drugs, a higher than average figure for drug offences is, according to police, due to "the robust attitude that Hertfordshire has to tackling drug trafficking and largely reflect police initiated action."

On knife crime, Home Office statistics show that in 2007/2008 there were 222 serious offences involving knives or other sharp instrument in Hertfordshire, however, despite this, police say knife crime does not feature as a problem in the county.

Overall, police say that Hertfordshire scores well in the latest crime statistics and is not only one of the safest counties in the country, but it also has one of the highest detection rates, with the county recording 2% higher than the national average.

Senior officers say that over the last 12 months, overall recorded crime in Hertfordshire fell by 12%, violent crime by 21% and robbery by 23%.

Chief Constable Frank Whiteley, says the figures mean that there are fewer victims of crime in the county and that criminals are more likely than ever to be caught and punished for the crimes they commit.

"The results reflect the excellent work being carried out by the officers and staff of Hertfordshire Constabulary alongside our local partners. Hertfordshire is a safe county in which overall crime is continuing to fall."

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20 July 2008

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