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Friday Grove appeal dismissed

Friday Grove, Brookmans Park
Friday Grove, Brookmans Park
The two-day appeal against the rejection of plans to build a new country house on local green belt land has been dismissed.

Bob Horrocks, honorary secretary of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) attended the inquiry and expressed concerns about the development.

A seven-page report was written about the case. Click here to read a scan of the text.

Writing in this site's forum, Mr Horrocks said the inspector concluded that the proposals would be innovative and exciting in architectural and landscape design, but in this location would cause harm to the rural character and appearance and for that reason would fail to reach the standard required in PPS7 (the isolated house criteria).

The report felt that the case for special circumstances had not been convincing.

"The siting within the green belt sets additional requirements, but the height and disposition of the building and earth banks would erode the openness. No very special circumstances have been put forward sufficient to outweigh the harm identified and hence the proposal would be contary to policies and government guidance," the report stated.

According to Mr Horrocks, the inspector also found the site to be an attractive rural agricultural scene, and that the development would not be sensitive to the defining rural characteristics of the local area.

Mr Horrocks wrote that the inspector found "the existing agricultural land pleasant and of value in its own right."

On the self-sustaining and energy saving aspects of the design Mr Horrocks wrote that the inspector accepted that "it proposed the husbanding of finite resources of energy but this was at the expense of a substantial area of another finite and valuable resource - open countryside."

Mr Neil Bedford, who owns the land at Friday Grove, also known locally as the 20-acre field, was challenging Welwyn Hatfield Councilís decision.

His proposal, originally rejected in 2004, planned to landscape the area and harness environmental-friendly building techniques.

Mr Bedford had argued that a farm house had been on the site until the 1800s - long before many of the houses in Brookmans Park. He felt that would have strengthened his case.

The land is at the south of Brookmans Park near where Hawkshead Lane meets Bluebridge Road.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

14 July 2007

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