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Anti-social behaviour meeting

Anti-social behaviour meeting

Council leaders and police have arranged a public meeting in order to give local residents an opportunity to express their views on anti-social behaviour in the area.

The event, designed to be an ‘open discussion, is being staged at St Mary’s School, Welham Green, on Wednesday 8 August.

It’s been organised by Welwyn Hatfield Council. Community police officers will be on hand to answer questions and talk to local residents.

The Home Office describes anti-social behaviour as 'selfish and unacceptable activity that can blight the quality of community life'. Click here for a fuller description.

The meeting is one of a series being held throughout the area as police and local authority officials try to address concerns expressed by residents.

Members of Welwyn's anti-social behaviour team, which includes environmental health officers and other officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary's HQ, will also attend.

Council leader, John Dean, who will chair the meeting, has promised “firm action” against anti-social behaviour.

“These meetings are a genuine opportunity for residents to raise any concerns and alert us to current problems. We hope residents will take advantage of this opportunity to talk directly to the people who can help alleviate anti-social behaviour problems.”

Any questions that cannot be answered on the night will be responded to in writing.

The council aims to circulate a bulletin showing what action is being taken on each topic which will be sent to everyone who leaves their contact details as well as being posted on the council's website.

The meeting will start at 1900 with refreshments available from 1830. Everyone is welcome to attend.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

28 July 2007

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