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Local band wins Field Fest

Anything To Do With Superheroes
Anything To Do With Superheroes

The annual youth music festival staged by Welwyn council has been won by local band, Anything To Do With Superheroes.

The four 17-year-old Chancellor’s sixth-form pupils beat three other finalists to carry off the top prize - a two-day session in a recording studio.

All the bands had to perform six original songs and were judged by an ‘X-Factor’ style panel along with an audience vote.

The finalists had been chosen from auditions held earlier this summer.

The first prize also includes the chance to perform at Welwyn Garden City’s Green Room.

The finalists who performed at Field Fest 2007 were:

Anything to Do With Heroes is made up of Tom Manwaring (lead guitar) and Tom Brewer (guitar and vocals), both from Brookmans Park, along with Josh Pike (bass guitar) from Hatfield, and Chris Hammond (drums) from Potters Bar.

Lead guitarist, Tom Manwaring, thanked the band's local fans for supporting them.

"We were really happy with how the whole evening went. We'd like to thank all our friends who turned up to hear us and all the other people who voted for us.

"We had a great time and made friends in other bands which was really cool.

"We'd also like to thank the organisers who made FieldFest possible," he said.

In a news release just issued, a council spokesperson commented on the quality of the bands taking part in the final.

“The standard of musical talent shown by those who took part in Field Fest proves that there is a wealth of young, natural talent that thrives in the borough.”

You can watch a video of Anything To Do With Superheroes on You Tube, or visit their site. The band also has website on My Space.

There are plans for Anything To Do With Superheroes team up with another excellent local band, Critical Path, at a local venue in September.

Despite being local lads, Critical Path won the title of Best Band in Bedfordshire in May this year.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

19 July 2007

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