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PCSO plan rejected

A plan to part-fund a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) has been rejected by North Mymms residents.

20% of households responded to a survey and the proposal was rejected by 20 votes.

North Mymms Parish Council, acting on the feedback, decided not to take up the offer from Hertfordshire Constabularly.

Councillor Bob Horrocks submitted the following report in this site’s discussion forum on the issue.

Earlier in 2006, Herts Constabulary offered the services of a PCSO to the parish if the council would provide 50% of the cost for two years.

The cost in a full year was originally stated as roughly £16,000 but this was later reduced to about £14,000 p.a.

In June and July 2006 the Parish Council carried out a survey of all 3,600 households in the parish to see if residents would be willing to pay up to about 10% more next year to the Parish Council to part-fund this PCSO.

About 20% replied with 319 for the proposal and 339 against.

At its meeting on 26 July 2006 the Parish Council decided not to take up this offer from the police.

Cllr Bob Horrocks

26 July 2006

You can add your comments to the local crime and community policing thread currently running in this site’s discussion forum.
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