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Membership drive by green belt society

Part of the North Mymms green belt
Part of the North Mymms green belt

The North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) has leafleted some homes in the parish in an effort to increase its 1,200 subscribed members.

The leaflet sets out the NMDGBS's achievements over the past year.

There are a number of discussions currently running in this site's forum about green belt issues in which local residents are able to argue for and against.

The following is taken from the leaflet and sets out the NMDGBS's views.

"Green Belts have existed for 50 years. Help us keep them safe for another 50 years.

2,400 acres of Green Belt land are lost each year (Daily Telegraph 11/6/05), but not in North Mymms due to our vigilance and actions, and also thanks to our 1,200 membership. Your (continued) membership will enable us to retain our strong voice.

Draft East of England Plan: In March 2005 we sent objections from 391 residents to the proposed 478,000 houses in this region. We have accepted an invitation to participate in the Public Inquiry in September in order to speak on your behalf against building on the Green Belt .

Welwyn Hatfield District Plan: The revised plan was adopted in April 2005. Our actions in 2003 resulted in petitions by almost 1,000 residents. As a result, there will be no change in the Green Belt boundaries. Had developers got their way, Welham Green would have exnanded by 50% to over 2,100 dwellings.

Planning appeals: We will be speaking on your behalf at appeal hearings against refusals of permission to enlarge Raybrook Farm, Bluebndge Rd and the proposed 'country house' at Friday Grove, Hawkshead Rd. Both are on Green Belt land. In connection with Friday Grove, we have been consulted by Channel 4 about a forthcoming programme on new country houses.

Flats: We opposed 10 flats at 1-3 Georges Wood Road, six flats at 2 Georges Wood Road, and five flats (later four) at 9 Bluebridge Road. All were refused. Had they been approved, they would have opened the floodgates for many other houses being replaced by flats in the village.

Litter collection: In 2004 we held a litter collection together with the local scouts, collecting more than 40 bags of rubbish. In April 2005 we collected about 25 bags. We want to keep the countryside looking good as well as protected.

Membership: Membership is a nominal 1. Why not enrol all your family? Please make your cheque or postal order payable to 'North Mymms District Green Belt Society'.

Bob Horrocks, Hon Sec North Mymms District Green Belt Society

If you want to subscribe, you can contact Bob Horrocks via instant message through the forum. Click here to send him a message, or you can contact him by visiting the NMDGBS website.

There are a number of related discussion threads running in this site's forum.

23 July 2005

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