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Village wins county ICT award

Bradmore Green
ICT Village of the Year 2004
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Brookmans Park has been voted Hertfordshire ICT Village of the Year 2004. The judges felt that this website, Chancellor School's new ICT status, and internet access at the local library, made Brookmans Park the clear winner.

North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) had nominated the village for the Information Communication Technology section of the competition earlier this year. NMPC Chairman Bob Horrocks attended the awards ceremony and submitted a report (below).

The village now represents Hertfordshire in the national finals of the competition. You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

1 July 2004

Herts ICT Village of the Year 2004 winner
Report by Bob Horrocks

Brookmans Park has won the ICT category in this year's CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) Hertfordshire Society competition.

A framed certificate was presented to the Chairman of North Mymms Parish Council, Bob Horrocks by Chris Brierley, Vice Chairman of CPRE Hertfordshire Society at an awards ceremony held at Hertfordshire County Hall on Thursday 1 July.

A second certificate will be presented by Calor, the main sponsor of the competition, at a ceremony at Redbourn on 24 July. Brookmans Park now goes into the national Calor Village of the Year competition. The national winners will receive their awards in London in December.

Brookmans Park impressed the judges with its 'comprehensive and user-friendly web-site', the ICT training provided by Chancellor's School to local clubs and businesses, and the public internet access available at the village library.

16 Hertfordshire villages and 28 schools competed under one or more of the various categories. North Mymms Parish Council decided to enter Brookmans Park in the ICT category because it met all the requirements.

North Mymms Parish Council already has numerous certificates awarded to Brookmans Park and Welham Green under the old 'Best kept village' rules hanging on the walls of the parish council office. The new certificate will now join them.

1 July 2004

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