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Seasonal increase in burglaries feared

Picture of a burglar climbing through a window
Thieves look out for clues indicating residents are on holiday
Police are bracing themselves for a fresh rise in house burglaries this summer as people head off on holiday, or become careless with security during the warm weather.

Officers say that during July and August last year there was a sharp increase in domestic thefts with many residents leaving windows and doors open during the day. Many local residents also go on holiday leaving behind a trail of clues that tell thieves that the house is unoccupied and will be for some time.

In Neighbourhood Watch Ringmaster recorded message 203, phoned through to this site by police organiser Derek Sweeney, people are warned against being complacent.

If at home in the warm weather, local residents are advised to ensure doors and windows are not left open, and at night they must remain vigilant at all times, remembering to set zoned alarms. If setting off on leave they should make it difficult for thieves to identify unoccupied houses by remembering to cancel milk and newspaper deliveries, arranging for a neighbour to collect mail, and setting time switches for lighting.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

8 July 2004

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