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Village hot spot goes live

Bradmore Green hotspot
The internet hot spot will mean free wireless surfing until September for those within range.

For the next few weeks you will be able to surf the web and send e-mail for free while sitting around Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green.

To take advantage of this experimental service you will, of course, need a wireless card in your computer.

It means that, depending on the range, you should be able to sit outside in the summer and log on. Residents living around Bradmore Green can also try the wireless feed for free, again as long as they have a wireless card.

We were going to have the higher speed webcam up and running this week, but it died. We could have it back next month. One technical point. The flow of information between the wireless hotspot and your computer is not encrypted so, in theory, your data could be intercepted.

You can discuss the new hot spot experiment in this site's forum.

21 July 2004

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