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Webcam the movie - well almost

A still from the Brookmans Park webcam
A still from the Brookmans Park webcam

We are trying an experiment with the webcam by running it at a much faster refresh rate than normal.

It is currently set to refresh every second, which means that it almost appears to show moving images.

We are not sure how long we can run it like this. At first we are aiming for a week, but it might be less than that depending on how things work out.

Click here to see the new, higher refresh rate webcam.

Please don't leave this on your desktop running all day as the connection between the webcam and the outside world is not the fastest, but feel free to experiment with having it live for a few minutes at a time.

If you try to connect, but just get a blank screen, that means the maximum number of permitted users has connected at that time. In that case please try again later.

Please sent me, James Bentall, an instant message through the forum if you have any feedback.

You can discuss the new high-speed webcam in the forum. 3 July 2004

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