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Bonfire threat to local nature area

Tree fire
The tree was set alight in three places
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Volunteers from Gobions Woodland Trust are asking people not to light bonfires in the local nature conservation area.

A number of fires have had to be extinguished recently. One damaged a large oak tree and, according to the woodland trust, could have easily spread beyond control.

"The fire was so intense that the branches of the old oak tree in the middle of the Leach Fields started to burn.

"On another day the fire could easily have spread and who knows what damage would have been caused, not only to the nature area but to surrounding properties," the spokesperson said.

Fires have also been lit on the grass in Gobions Open Space and Moffats Open Space, both owned by North Mymms Parish Council.

Various items, left at the scene of the fires, have been collected and are being examined. These include a dark green car cover and an aluminium bicycle pump. The incident has been given the crime number 24/07/03/381.

Hertfordshire police, Hertfordshire fire service and North Mymms Parish Council have been informed and are investigating.

Anyone with any information to help trace those responsible is asked to contact the local police community team on 01707-638112.

24 July 2003

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