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Specialist status for Chancellorís school

Chancellorís School
Chancellor's School
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large of
Falcon Media
Chancellorís has succeeded in its bid for government recognition as a specialist school in mathematics and computing. The change takes effect from September 2003.

Headmaster Paul Wormleighton consulted governors, parents, staff and local community groups before preparing the school's case.

Chancellorís, like all the other schools to be given specialist status, now receives a one-off capital grant of £100,000 and £123 per pupil, initially for four years.

According to the government's Department for Education and Skills (DfES), specialist schools must also meet the full National Curriculum requirements and deliver a broad and balanced education to pupils in all fields as well as focusing on their chosen subject.

They work within a named Ďfamily of schoolsí for the benefit of pupils beyond their own school boundaries and other groups of people in the wider community.

That means that other selected schools in the area are likely to specialise in different subjects and will be expected to share that expertise with their neighbouring schools. It also means that pupils from Chancellor's with special skills in maths and computing will be expected to help with various community-based projects.

Chancellorís is one of 245 schools to be awarded this status in the July announcement from the DfES. Other specialist categories include technology, language, sports, art, business and enterprise, engineering and science.

A total of 39 schools out of the 245 chose mathematics and computing this time round. So far, 77 schools country-wide, out of 1,454 schools that have been awarded specialist status, have chosen mathematics and computing.

All maintained secondary schools in England were invited to apply. The process involved raising £50k from private sector sponsorship and preparing a four-year development plan for improvements in teaching and learning, and for involving other local schools and the local community.

The DfES Website lists all the schools to have been awarded special status in this latest round (Word document) and has details (PDF format) of all schools named in previous rounds.

The DfES has issued a news release giving more details about specialist status schools and the process involved in operating them.

A letter will be going out to all parents giving more details about the specialist status.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

2 July 2003

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