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State of the district debate

reporting faults to WHDC online
Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) has organised a public meeting so that residents can quiz those who run local services and discuss what needs to be done in the district.

Representatives from WHDC and other public organisations will field questions from members of the public about the issues being faced by people living in Welwyn Hatfield.

The event, which is being billed as non party-political, is being held at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City at 7.30pm on Wednesday 16 July.

The council says the 'State of the District Debate' is intended to 'be about the achievements of the Council to date and the work that has to be done in the future'.

People who want to speak or ask a question at the meeting are asked to contact the authority in advance. You can contact Stuart Ince or Graham Seal at Welwyn Hatfield Council on 01707 357349 or 357444.

Alternatively you join the debate about council services currently running in this site’s forum.

Welwyn Hatfield has just published its fourth ‘Welwyn Hatfield District Council Best Value Performance Plan’ in which it sets out how it has performed against nationally set criteria and what its fresh targets are.

6 July 2003

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