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Meeting called on admission criteria

chancellor's school
Chancellor's School, Brookmans Park
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large
The Schools Adjudicator is to consider objections to the admission arrangements for Chancellorís School on Wednesday 16 July.

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator says it intends to reach a decision on the issue by 15 August.

Letters of invitation have been sent to Brookmans Park School, Chancellorís School, the Local Education Authority (LEA) and a number of parents, including some who have objected to the criteria.

According to the letter, the meeting, to be held at Hertfordshire LEA (County Hall) at 2pm, has been called not to debate the issue, but to provide an opportunity to Ďexpand on points and add new and relevant informationí.

A local resident asked for this information to be posted on the site. You can discuss the school's admissions criteria in this site's forum.

13 July 2003

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