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E-mail alerts for new posts and messages

You can receive automated e-mail alerts for when someone posts on a topic you are following or when someone sends you a Forum instant message.

When in the Forum click on the 'notify of replies' button at the end of the thread you are following (see below).

Click on 'Yes' on the resulting screen (see below) and whenever someone posts on that topic you will receive an e-mail.

You can also sign up for an e-mail alert when posting a new message. Just below the box where you type in the text you will see a box which you can check if you want to be notified whenever somebody adds to the thread you have started (see below).

Similarly, with the Forum messaging system, you can set it so that when someone sends you a message you will also receive an e-mail.

Click on the message link alongside your name and before the date at the top of the Forum index (see below).

Click on the Preferences button at the top right on your message page, signified by a hammer and screw driver (see below).

and at the bottom, where it invites you to be notified by e-mail, click 'Yes' (see below).

July 21, 2002

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