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Local author still publishing at 93

Local historian and author, Peter Kingsford, has published his 8th book at the age of 93.

Peter, whose pamphlets about the history of Brookmans Park make up much of this site's history section, has now committed his wartime memories to print.

The book, entitled, 'Without a shot in anger', covers the years 1944-1946, when Peter was part of the Army Education Corps in India and, what was then called, Malaya.

Peter, who is now partially sighted, told this site that the new book is the latest in a series of historical books he has penned. Another looks at the history of the hunger marches in Britain between 1920 and 1940. There is also a book about Britain's railwaymen in Victorian times.

Peter Kingsford's latest book is available on Amazon.

When this site launched in 1998, Peter gave his permission for all his local history works to be reproduce online for the benefit of all. Those works are now being used regularly by village school children doing their local history studies and have helped dozens of overseas visitors research their genealogy.

Peter's local works include:
A Modern History of Brookmans Park
North Mymms People in Victorian times
North Mymms Schools & their Children 1700 - 1964
Victorian Lives in North Mymms

July 19, 2002

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