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Village cub pack faced with closure

One of the village's cub packs is facing closure due to a shortage of helpers. If one of the cub packs is forced to close, some of the current cubs in the village are going to have to go on to a waiting list because there are too many cubs to offer them all places in the new single pack.

Brookmans Park has two cub packs for boys aged 8-10, but the current cub scout leader, who runs both packs, is leaving at the end of the month and there is enough adult help to keep one pack going but not two.

Without new volunteers one of the packs will have to close and the search is underway for adults willing to volunteer their time to help keep the second cub pack open.

The group already has three people leading the weekly meeting for boys aged 8-10 but need more volunteers to create a large enough team to share the load and give the regular leaders the chance of a break.

If you are able to help, please contact scout leaders Ian, on (01707) 643474 or e-mail James at scouts.

James has also posted this message in the Forum.

Useful link: Brookmans Park Scouts

July 23, 2002

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