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Website dossier on transmitter station

Based on a report by Bob Horrocks of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society.

Another public meeting has been arranged to discuss plans to develop Brookmans Park transmitter station.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society has also created a special section of its website focusing on the issue. This following concerns about the expansion of the site at a public meeting in May.

Brookmans Park Transmitter Station

Should the increase in transmitters be stopped?

Yes, they could pose a health risk.
No, increased capacity is needed.
We need assurances and answers.

One vote per person please.

Current Results

The new section contains information on the history of the transmitter station, the current planning situation, planning applications lodged since 1996, the Stewart Report, issued in May 2000 on telecommunications masts, and planning appeals on mobile phone masts.

The section will grow as more information is added in an effort to keep up to date with developments.

About 100 local residents held a meeting at the Dutch Nursery on May 14 to hear about and discuss the two recent planning applications for six more satellite dishes (up to 16m diameter i.e. 52 feet) and more mobile phone antennae on the 45m lattice mast.

In the new section on the transmitter station, the society explains the background to the positioning of the dishes, current planning proposals and offers legal advice on how best to oppose these, and future, applications.

The legal advice the society has been given is that objectors do not have to prove any health risk. It should be enough to demonstrate that there is a strongly perceived risk of harm, and that people are not buying or moving away because of the dishes etc on this site.

If many local residents object to the Council, the more the Council has to take note of local feelings.

It must be emphasised that this site has a combined output of three types of transmissions - radio wave transmissions on the medium waveband (how many stations?), powerful transmissions that have to get to distant satellites sent on narrow beams, and mobile phone transmissions.

The public meeting will be held at the Dutch Nursery Coffee Shop at 7.30pm on Monday, July 30.

Based on a report by Bob Horrocks of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society.

July 8, 2001

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