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Computer storm warning issued

A local computer firm has issued a warning about the damage the warm weather and electric storms can do to PCs and modems.

Last year, Paul Large of Falcon Media dealt with dozens of calls from customers whose equipment had been damaged because of storms.

In an e-mail to this site Paul said, "A number of our service calls to non FM systems have been the direct result of overheated base units. CPU's Graphics cards and Hard drives failing due to inadequate cooling. As a precaution we recommend that you shut down your systems when not in use so as to keep temperatures down."

Paul says systems can be fitted with coolers to enable them to operate at much higher temperatures than we have experienced lately.

And he repeats his warning about electrical storms. "Electrical storm activity is forecast over the next few days so those who do not have surge protection and telephone surge protection may well benefit from disconnecting their modem leads and unplugging the systems overnight."

"Please speak to us if you have any problems re cooling or surge protection. It may save your data and a lot of inconvienience," he wrote.

Falcon Media can be contacted on 01707-661996 by phone, 0870-7060449 by fax , by e-mail at and online at

July 6, 2001

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