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A Victorian visit to North Mymms

A fascinating insight into local life in Victorian times has been uncovered in New Zealand by a user of this site researching her genealogy.

The document was put together by William Page at the turn of the last century when he visited North Mimms to carry out a detailed survey of the parish as part of a study of Victorian country life in Hertfordshire.

He visited and made notes about all the hamlets in the parish, the mission rooms, the old cottages, the manors and coats of arms and he described how the land was used and how people lived.

He wrote about the swallow holes down which water 'rushes in whirlpools' when the streams are high and how legend has it that a farthing was placed under every brick when Folly Arch was built.

A lengthy project has now begun to reproduce the complete 12,000 word record of that visit written by William Page 100 years ago.

The first chapter of this work has now been reproduced on the site. Over the next months, as more information is added, this will become a complete piece of work nine chapters long and will form part of this site's History Section.

A note will appear on the front page of this site every time a new section is added.

July 24, 2001

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