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New countryside code of conduct

A revised code of conduct has been drawn up as Hertfordshire’s footpaths reopen following the relaxation of the foot-and-mouth restrictions.

All public rights of way and common land in Hertfordshire should now be open.

The move to open all paths began at the beginning of this month and the county council notified all local farmers and landowners of the change.

The revised code is being posted on key paths which cross land adjacent to livestock and on parish notice boards.

The council says, on its official website, that members of the public can now ignore any ‘closed’ notices that are still in place.

The authority began removing them following the relaxation of the Government restrictions on June 29 but it will take some weeks to remove them all. There are 650 livestock farms in the county.

The County Council says it still retains the power to re-close rights of way in the vicinity of an infection, should an infection occur in Hertfordshire.

The new code of conduct

1: If you have handled cattle, sheep, goats or pigs in the last 7 days please stay off all other farmland.

2: Do not go near, and never touch, handle or feed livestock. If you come across them unexpectedly, move away slowly and if necessary re-trace your route.

3: Keep dogs on short leads where there are livestock.

4: Do not leave any waste food or litter.

5: Stay on the path and leave all gates as you find them.

6: Use disinfectant where provided.

7: Start your walk or ride with clean equipment, footwear and clothing.

If you have any queries you can call Hertfordshire County Council on 01438 737321 or 01923 471321

July 19, 2001

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