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Bradmore Lane fly tipping black spot

Bradmore Lane is becoming a regular dumping ground for fly tippers.

The lower end of Bradmore Lane - fly2.jpg (14262 bytes)

The lower end of Bradmore Lane - Fujifilm

Every available gateway is being used for illegal tipping.

A trail of green and black bin bags leads through to Mimmshall Brook from the lower end of Bradmore Lane with the rubbish spilling out into the running water.

Much of the rubbish seems to be everyday household waste but there is also builder's rubble, old carpet, tyres, garden rubbish, old garden furniture and discarded household appliances.

Number plate left behind - fly4.jpg (11424 bytes)

Number plate left behind - Fujifilm

The amount of waste being dumped seems to be on the increase despite the council’s efforts to clear the refuse away.

The grounds of the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre used to be another popular area for fly tippers but wooden posts were placed around the area recently and that seems to have deterred people from using the site for illegal dumping.

Near the top of Bradmore Lane - fly3.jpg (13912 bytes)

Near the top of Bradmore Lane - Fujifilm

Since then, Bradmore Lane, which links Brookmans Park and Water End, seems to have been receiving more frequent visits from those reluctant to use the local authority official dumps in Potters Bar and off the A414 between Hertford and Welwyn Garden City.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society recently called on the local authority to take urgent action to limit the areas where people can illegally dispose of their rubbish.

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If you want to talk about fly tipping please use the Have Your Say section

Anyone who sees anyone fly tipping is urged to call the authority on 01707-357000 or, if the fly tipping is in the Hertsmere District, you should ring 020-8207-7480.

The Community Policing Unit at Hatfield Police station 01707 638100, would also like to hear from anyone who sees people fly tipping.

A Fujifilm MX-2900 zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm was used for these images.   All the pictures have been heavily compressed to help reduce download time.

July 15, 2001

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