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Vandalism clamp down called for

Snapped trees and trashed gardens - vandals300.jpg (12277 bytes)

Snapped trees and trashed gardens

Vandals left a trail of destruction around The Gardens, Oaklands Avenue and Bluebridge Road on Friday night snapping trees, breaking signs and trashing gardens.

The damage was captured by one local resident on film. He sent the pictures to this site in the hope of making more people aware of the problem. He says it is becoming a regular occurrence.

After talking to other locals and post office staff it appears it is the same most Friday nights -- in the past Moffats Lane has been hit by similar vandalism.

In an e-mail to this site he wrote; “I woke this morning and looked out of my bedroom window to be confronted by the site of broken trees and other damage. I guess a bunch of yobs coming home after a night out thought they would have a laugh. They have also thrown potted plants around in my neighbour's garden. Have football fans abroad made getting drunk or vandalising property acceptable?”

The matter has now been brought to the attention of the neighbourhood police officer who lives in the area where the latest vandalism took place.

July 8, 2000

Have Your Say:  What can be done to stop the vandals?  Have Your Say.

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