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Residents’ association holds final meeting

The North Mymms Residents’ Association has been disbanded after more than 70 years service to the community.

The remaining members have voted to close the organisation after a fall in membership and a lack of interest.

In the past, meetings of the NMRA would regularly attract around 20 people. The last meeting attracted only four, including officials.

The association has been operating since 1929, with a short break for the war.

Previously, committee members would listen to local concerns and, if appropriate, take the issues up with the relevant local authority, whether it was a parish, district or county council issue.

Campaigns varied from repairs to road signs, street lighting and the state of the footpaths to major campaigns such as the opposition to the growth of Stansted airport.

But recently membership and attendance dwindled to the point where the last meeting attracted only four people.

A spokesman said it was probably due to a change in lifestyle. With many local people now working longer hours and having further to commute, it is thought most people are more eager to get home to their families rather than spend an evening discussing local issues.

The decision has also been taken not to try to re-launch the group if, in the future, local residents feel there is a need for such an organisation.

The spokesman said that if that happened, it would be better if new people took over.

The North Mymms Residents’ Association has had its own section of this site since the site was launched.

That will now be taken down, but a link will remain from this page as an historical reference of the organisation and its activities.

Click here to see the archived North Mymms Residents’ Association page.

Many in the community will be grateful for the hours of selfless and voluntary work that has been put in by so few to ensure that the various local authorities were aware of and responded to local concerns.

July 7, 2000

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