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Hawkshead bridge - repairs planned

Repair work to Hawkshead Lane Bridge is due to get underway by the middle of August.

North Mymms Green Belt Society has praised Hertfordshire County Council for responding quickly to schedule repairs to four large cracks, which have appeared in both parapets.

The damage was first highlighted on this site and then taken up by the society.

In a letter to the NMGBS, Hertfordshire's technical support manager says the authority will now be monitoring the number of times the Bridge is damaged by traffic.

He says records show vehicles have damaged the bridge six times since 1980 and twice in the last three months.

The department now wants to find out whether the recent history is a new trend.

The authority says there is little that can be done to the bridge itself to make it less vulnerable to being hit, other than widening, which it says is not a practical solution. It also says it is not in a position to take measures to protect the bridge.

Because of that the County Council's Technical Support Manager has forward the concerns of the Green Belt Society to Welwyn Hatfield Council

July 27, 2000

Have Your Say: What is the solution to the continued damage to Hawkshead bridge? Have Your Say

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