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Traffic calming debate heats up

Debate over whether Bluebridge Road should have traffic calming measures has intensified with cases for and against being aired on this site.

Click here to read recent contributions in what is becoming a lively debate on this issue on the 'traffic' page of this site's Have Your Say Section.

Last month the road was re-ranked in Hertfordshire County Council's traffic management priority list.

This followed a petition from residents about persistent speeding and a recent traffic survey.

But there are strong feelings about what traffic calming measures should be used and whether they actually help or create a new and added danger.

You can enter the debate by using the ‘Have Your Say’ section of the site.

All views will be brought to the attention of the local authority as they gather views and evidence for making their decision.

July 15, 2000

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Bluebridge Road re-ranked 'priority' - July 8 2000

Have Your Say:  Will traffic calming measures help?  Have Your Say

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