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Bluebridge Road re-ranked 'priority'

Bluebridge Road, heading south, out of the village towards Little Heath - br9.jpg (15060 bytes)

Bluebridge Road, heading south, out of the village towards Little Heath.  Digital camera on loan from Fujifilm

Click here for two pages of photographs of Bluebridge Road.

Bluebridge Road has been re-ranked in Hertfordshire County Council's traffic management priority list.

The move follows traffic surveys backing local residents' claims of persistent speeding.

A petition, drawn up by people living in the area, had earlier been handed in to the local authority calling for traffic calming measures.

Will traffic calming measures help?
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At the last meeting of Welwyn Hatfield’s Environment Committee, members heard details of a report from the Director of Environment WHC, who had been looking into the issue of the speed traffic travelled along Bluebridge Road.

The report also assessed the case put by residents in their petition and examined recent surveys on traffic flow and speed.

The minutes of the meeting record that it was decided …

  • that Bluebridge Road be re-ranked in the County Council’s traffic management priority list and that the petitioners be informed accordingly.
  • that the Highway Authority, Hertfordshire County Council, be informed of the petition.
  • that the police be informed of the petition and requested that they pay attention to the concerns of the residents with regard to the speeding of traffic.

Click here for the first of two pages of photographs of Bluebridge Road showing views from various locations in the village.

July 8, 2000

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