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Letter from the Chair of Governors, Brookmans Park School opposing the Chancellor's admission criteria changes.

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator
Vincent House
2 Woodland Road
Darlington DL3 7PT 

9 July 1999 

Dear Sirs 

I am writing on behalf of the Governing Body of Brookmans Park School, with regard to the changes to admissions criteria recently proposed by Chancellor’s School. 

As Governors of a school which has previously enjoyed the privilege of priority on Chancellor’s admissions criteria, on the basis that our schools are the only primary and secondary schools within Brookmans Park, we strongly object to the proposals to withdraw our priority. 

It has been suggested that all schools in the area have been a part of the ‘consultation process’ in the development of these new criteria, but we have been very surprised and disappointed at the lack of direct contact with our School in this matter, both from the LEA and from Chancellor’s themselves, particularly given the fact that of all the schools in the area, we were likely to be detrimentally affected more than any other. 

We have only just been made aware that we were apparently invited to comment on the proposed changes back in May, but there is no record of these invitation letters ever having arrived. Clearly, had we been aware of the proposals, we would have ensured that full representations would have been made at that time. 

Families living within Brookmans Park have, for many years, sent their children to Brookmans Park School, not only because of the high standards and levels of achievement, but also because they have come to appreciate the benefit it offers in terms of qualification for the local secondary school. 

The parents of children at Brookmans Park School are understandably very upset at these proposed changes, and there is a widely held belief that the changes will change the complexion of the village itself, adversely affecting the community for ever. 

We acknowledge that changes have to be made, but there are other less radical solutions which will achieve the same benefits without these downsides, namely: 

      retain Brookmans Park as one of a select list of perhaps six local ‘feeder’ schools, or

      qualify applicants under criterion 5 by proximity, rather than in proportion to the number of applications made from each school. 

In this way, local families will be given priority access to their local school - a situation to which the government itself subscribes, and which we fully endorse. 

I urge you to consider these views, and to press for the reversal of these unnecessary and inappropriate changes with immediate effect. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Mr. Peter Evans, Head Teacher, at any time should you wish to discuss these matters any further. 

Many thanks in anticipation, 

Yours sincerely 

Jeremy R Silverstone
Chair of Governors, on behalf of the Governing Body, Brookmans Park School.

Mr Paul Wormleighton, Chancellor’s School
Mr George Shiells, Chair of Governors, Chancellor’s School
Hertfordshire Education Authority

July 12, 1999

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