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New homes approval update

Report by Bob Horrocks

picture of builder laying bricks

A consultation document, which includes options for new housing on local green belt land, is expected to be approved by Welwyn Hatfield Council on 3 February.

The draft options include expansion of one or all of Brookmans Park, Welham Green and Little Heath.

North Mymms District Green Belt Society and North Mymms Parish Council are seeking more information before deciding how best to respond.

The consultation is expected to run for eight weeks in March and April.

Welwyn Hatfield had 40,478 dwellings in 2001. The East of England Plan requires another 10,000 by 2021, and provision for a further 5,000 in the following 10 years. 4,155 homes were built by April 2008, leaving a balance of 5,845 to be built by 2021.

Note: Below is the section of the map which sets out the areas where the housing is being proposed. The minor black star means potential for minor growth, the larger star means potential for major growth.

housing proposal


One option is to concentrate new housing around either, or both, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

Another option is to expand Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Digswell, Little Heath, Oaklands and Mardley Heath, Welham Green, Welwyn and Woolmer Green.

The consultation document will set out various arguments for and against each option and the expansion of each village. This could be broadly proportionate to the existing size of population.

It could involve the use of both urban and green belt land triggering a green belt revision. An extract from table is given below.

SettlementPossible number of new homes to 2021Possible number of new homes to 2026Possible number of new homes to 2031
Brookmans Park171266361
Little Heath4874104
Welham Green134208283

The document will discuss various locations. Those within North Mymms parish are summarised below.

South of Hatfield (Parsonage Farm)

South of the A1001 and north of Welham Green, with a potential for 900 to 1,300 new homes. It would lead to the coalescence of Hatfield with Welham Green. The potential for Welham Green to have better links to the infrastructure of Hatfield could be constrained by the A1001, Southway, which presents a strong physical barrier. Area contains wildlife sites and falls within the Watling Chase Community Forest.

East of Welham Green (Marshmoor)

Land to the east of Welham Green, with a potential for 600 to 900 new homes. Separated from the village by the railway line but close to the railway station. There is a designated wildlife site.

West and south of Brookmans Park (RVC land?)

Land to the west of Brookmans Park with a potential for 2,600 to 3,900 new homes. The railway separates much of this area from the existing village. There are designated wildlife sites. Few jobs in the immediate vicinity but well served rail services from Brookmans Park station.

East of Little Heath

The area has a potential for 100 to 200 new homes.

The author, Bob Horrocks, is a councillor on North Mymms Parish Council and the honorary secretary of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society.

You can discuss the green belt and local housing in this site's forum.

17 January 2009

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