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Facelift for rejected hoarding

Green Close flats hoarding
A fresh coat of paint for the hoarding

Workmen were out today applying a fresh coat of green paint to the hoarding around the area that was earmarked for the construction of new flats in Green Close.

Earlier this month this site revealed that a retrospective planning application to erect 2.5 metre high hoarding at Green Close in Brookmans Park had been refused by the Welwyn Hatfield Council planning committee.

The case officer said the applicant can still appeal to the Department of the Environment.

The work to spruce up the hoarding could suggest an appeal may be imminent. Perhaps the developer thinks green boarding around the area will be more acceptable to local residents, or may swing it with the planning committee.

The case officer said that if there is an appeal, all those who had objected would be informed.

The hoarding went up in June 2008 after developers applied for planning permission to construct 14 flats.

Those plans were refused for being "too cramped, overdeveloped, unduly dominating, and failing to reflect the established character of Brookmans Park."

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

27 January 2009

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