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Introducing our new PCSO

PCSO Louise Luxford
PCSO Louise Luxford

Meet PCSO Louise Luxford, who has recently joined the local community policing team and whose role is to be ‘a visible and reassuring presence’ in the area.

Louise, who has been a PCSO for two and a half years, previously worked in retail management. She is now part of the local rural team, which is made up of four police officers and five PCSOs.

Working with shop owners and local residents are all part of a day’s work for Louise. Her to-do list includes keeping an eye on parking problems, dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime prevention.

Parking tickets have been placed on a number of cars in Green Close and officers are watching the situation in Westland Drive, Oaklands Avenue and The Gardens.

Speeding is another issue that Louise will be focussing on in the coming months.

Louise says she is also there to help any local residents that have concerns about crime, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

"They just need to give me a ring, either on the office number, 01707-806947 or on the main switchboard number, 0845-3300222," she told this site.

The local PC, Jo Wakelen, is currently recovering from illness and her place is being filled by PC Paul Moore.

You can discuss local crime and community policing in this site's forum.

10 January 2009

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