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Tories hold Welham Green

Doug Berry (right) with councillor Keith Pieri (left) - image courtesy of Grant Shapps MP
Doug Berry (right) with cllr Keith Pieri - image courtesy of Grant Shapps MP

The Conservatives have held Welham Green, winning Thursday’s by-election by 55 votes, but with a 24% swing to the Liberal Democrats who came second. The British National Party came third and Labour fourth.

The by-election followed the resignation of the former Conservative councillor, Peter O'Brien, in October 2007.

Four candidates stood. Doug Berry for the Conservatives, Bridie Croft for Labour, John Elvy for the Liberal Democrats, and Mark Fuller for the British National Party.

The result was as follows...

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Conservatives 539 40.68%
Liberal Democrats 48436.53%
British National Party 214 16.15%
Labour 88 6.64%

The turnout is understood to have been 46.6%. In the previously election for the seat the Conservatives polled 707 votes, Labour 198, and the Liberal Democrats 156.

You can discuss the by-election in this site's Forum.

4 January 2008

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