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Civic awards 2007, vote now

Welwyn Hatfield Civic Awards 2007 logo

Do you know someone who deserves special mention for his or her work in the community?

Welwyn Hatfield is asking for the public’s help in identifying the individuals who should be nominated for the 2007 Civic Awards and your vote counts.

According to Welwyn Hatfield Council (WHC), judges are looking for people who have made a significant contribution to local life over the past year.

The council says possible achievements include, but are not limited to, service to the community, bravery/courage, environmental work, arts and sports, education and heritage. A spokesperson gave the following as examples only.

“The common factor and criteria in all candidates will be the extraordinary commitment, dedication, energy and effort they have shown in their field or towards achieving a particular goal.

“Awards may therefore be made to teachers, church workers, those who have worked for particular communities or voluntary groups, charities or hospitals, young people, local artists, organisers and administrators, carers,police, fire officers or those who have shown unusual bravery and courage.”

Candidates can be nominated online by using the form on council’s website.

Nomination leaflets are available from all council receptions. You can also obtain them by phoning 01707 357000 or by emailing the council.

Nominations close on Thursday 15 February, 2007, so if you intend to vote for someone do it soon.

The Civic Awards are sponsored by Serco (the council’s service partner for Streetscene services).

You can discuss the Civic Awards 2007 in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

January 6, 2007

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