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Changes to the site's forum

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Changes have been made to the way the site operates in order to accommodate a wider diversity of opinion and debate.

Since the site was launched in 1998, the focus has been on local issues. Discussions not directly related to things going on in the local community have been discouraged.

So called 'off-topic' issues were not allowed in the forum, neither were posts that pushed a particular religious or political point of view.

However, as the site has developed and more users have joined, it has become apparent that there are members of the community who would like to widen the scope of the forum.

Because of that, a new 'Off-Topic' area has been set up where people can start threads and post about things that interest them but which are not directly related to the local issues.

Local politicians and religious groups can use the 'Off-Topic' area to discuss and promote their ideas and meetings, as long as those posts comply with the site's guidelines on taste, decency, offence and defamation.

All forum visitors will be able to see all the 'Off-Topic' threads in the new section which will be immediately below the 'Local Issues' section.

What's On and Forum Calendar

The site's What's On Diary will now be replaced by the forum calendar.

Anyone can now add an event to the calendar.

This system has the added benefit of calendar entries being associate to a forum thread.

Please be sure to associate the calendar with the appropriate forum section, whether it is 'Off Topic' or a 'Local Issue'.

This means that someone posting an event can start a forum thread to discuss that event.

There are three ways to do this.

  • Start a thread, publish it and then click on the 'Link to Calendar' button. A new form will appear offering you the chance to update the calendar details.
  • Go to an existing thread and link it to the calendar.
  • Go to the calendar and 'Add an Event' and create a forum entry to support it.

The site's editorial guidelines have been updated to reflect these changes.

You can discuss the site changes in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

January 28, 2007

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