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Village one-way system to be introduced

Brookmans Park Village Green
The section of road around Bradmore Green will become one-way
Posters have been tied to lamp-posts around Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park, giving notice of the councilís plans to introduce a one-way system.

The plan is for vehicles on what is called the Bradmore Green north slip road, fronting numbers 28 to 36, to travel only in a south-easterly direction.

"From its junction with Bradmore Way to its junction with Bradmore Green no vehicle shall proceed in any direction other than from North West to South East," the signs state.

It then explains that along the Bradmore Green south slip road, fronting numbers 48 to 56, traffic will only travel in a south-westerly direction.

"From its junction with Bradmore Green to its junction with Blue Bridge Road no vehicle shall proceed in any direction other than from North East to South West."

The signs, put up by Hertfordshire County Council's Highways Department, says plans can be inspected at the Welwyn Hatfield District Council Offices, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City.

According to the sign, objections to the proposals should be made in writing to Terry Curtis, Herfordshire Highways, Highways House, 41-45 Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City,. AL7 3SP by 3 February 2006, stating the grounds on which they are made.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

13 January 2006

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