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Appeal for witnesses to shop break in

Mayur Patel surveying the damage outside Brookmans Park News.
Thieves have broken into Brookmans Park News, taking a large amount of goods and cash. Newsagent, Mayur Patel, is appealing for witnesses to come forward.

The incident happened between Monday night, January 9, and Tuesday morning, January 10, when Mr Patel arrived to find the steel security grill pushed up and the front door smashed.

Mr Patel says a new security grill was being fitted on Monday and the thieves struck before it had been connected to the alarm system.

Police with sniffer dogs carried out a full search of the premises on Tuesday morning and finger prints were taken.

Police will be carrying out door-to-door enquiries in the area to try to find anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious.

According to Mr Patel, itís thought the thieves used a car jack to push the safety grill up before breaking the glass and entering.

He says it appears they knew what they wanted to take. It is not the first time Mr Patel has been targetted by thieves.

If anyone saw or heard anything between the time the shop closed on Monday night and Tuesday morning, they are asked to call Mr Patel on 01707-653133 or drop into the shop.

Mr Patel will then pass on the details to the police officer investigating the incident. (Please don't call just to express support because it might prevent a witness getting through.)

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10 January 2006

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