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Forum hits a third of a million in 2005

Graphic to illustrate forum statistics
650 members have so far posted almost 8,000 messages about 700 local topics.
Almost a third of a million pages of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum were downloaded in 2005.

During the year 1,800 messages were posted on 700 local topics.

It brings the total number of posts on the forum to almost 8,000 since it was set up four years ago.

In 2005, almost 180 new topics were started by forum members.

The site has 585 registered users. Of those, two forum members have posted more than a thousand times, one has posted more than 600 times, five have posted more than 200 times, nine have posted more than 100 times, a dozen have posted more than 50 times, 26 have posted more than 20 times and 29 more than ten times.

162 registered forum members have posted only once and 228 have yet to post.

June saw the most new topics posted (28) and the most new posts (284) as well as the most new members registering for the forum (16).

The most people online at any one time was when 33 members and guests were looking at the forum one weekday lunchtime (UK time) in November. The previous highest had been 58 during the snow storms of 2004. November also saw the most pages downloaded in a month with 37,361 being viewed.

But itís not only the forum thatís proving popular. The hits for the rest of the site are higher than they have ever been too.

Overall, including the main site and the forum, 2005 saw an average of 2,500 pages downloaded every day with an average of 3,000 distinct hosts (different computer addresses) served each week.

This site would like to thank The Positive Internet Company for their continued support in hosting the Brookmans Park Newsletter for no charge, despite the steadily increasing traffic.

Positive is monitoring the situation and the Brookmans Park Newsletter team is aware that if the traffic continues to increase at the current rate, we will probably need to find funds to pay for our hosting costs.

You can discuss this issue in the site's forum.

1 January 2006

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