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Local crime meeting planned

Bradmore Green, scene of a number of recent shop break-ins
Community PC, Jitu Dave, wants to arrange a meeting with local residents in order to discuss, face-to-face, the recent spate of crime in Brookmans Park.

It follows a number of shop break-ins around Bradmore Green during January.

The time and the place of the meeting is yet to be decided, but PC Dave says the purpose is to enable the police and local residents to get to know each other and to "have a constructive discussion about local crime and community policing issues with the emphasis on preventing crime."

PC Dave was posting in a thread entitled "Local crime and community policing", currently running on this site’s forum.

The discussion thread has seen many posts expressing concern about the level of crime in the area in recent weeks.

Last week, the local MP, Grant Shapps, met Hertfordshire Constabulary's Area Commander, Chief Superintendent Alison Roome-Gifford, to talk about crime levels in the area.

Writing in the same discussion thread in this site’s forum, Mr Shapps said the police are linking the recent burglaries and believe the perpetrators may have been caught a fortnight ago.

The Welwyn Hatfield MP says he pressed the Chief Superintendent about what the police will do if the village continues to experience break-ins in the near future and says he was promised that additional patrols would be introduced.

You can also join in the forum discussion on this issue..

29 January 2006

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