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Brookmans Park hit by spate of shop break ins

Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green, scene of the recent spate of shop break ins
Brookmans Park residents are calling for police help in combating a crime wave that has seen four shops and the station broken into in the space of one week.

Last week thieves broke into Brookmans Park News, taking a large amount of goods and cash.

According to community police officer, PC Jitu Dave, there were three break ins around Bradmore Green between January 15 and January 16, including the chemists, the Co-op and one of the dry cleaners.

Writing in this site's forum, PC Dave says a stolen silver Toyota was used in the crime and the same vehicle was used at a break in at another Co-op store.

Police investigations are continuing and PC Dave has appealed to local residents, again through this site's forum, to contact him on 0845 33 00 222 if they have any information.

A number of forum members have expressed concern that so many break ins can happen in the same area on the same night and have been asking whether the village has adequate police surveillance.

You can discuss this issue in the site's forum.

17 January 2006

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