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Put your local ad on this site

Note: We have since removed the Google AdWords scheme from the site, but are leaving this news item up so that the site's archive is in tact. We might explore an alternative advert scheme in the future. A discussion thread, running in this site's forum, explains why we took this decision.

Local businesses, organisations and individuals can now pay for adverts to rotate throughout the Brookmans Park Newsletter, thanks to the Google AdWords programme.

It means that local adverts can now occupy the key advertising places on the site’s front page, on the various news items and in the site's discussion forum.

At the moment the ads appearing on the site are mainly countywide, but there is a way to change that.

All you need to do if you want your ad to appear on the site is click on the ‘Advertise on this site’ link on each advert. (There is one on the advert situated just below and to the left of this sentence. The ‘Advertise on this site’ is in white writing against the teal background.)

You then sign up to the scheme. Google handles all the admin and the placement of the ads on this and other sites.

AdWords works by placing text adverts relevant to the content on the page. You will notice that the ads being displayed on this page will be about Google or AdWords - that's because this news item mentions both.

So, if there is a discussion post or a news item about house prices, Google AdWords will list local estate agents - as long as they are registed with the programme.

This site served more than 700,000 pages in 2005. The Forum alone has been averaging more than 35,000 pages a month for the last three months. The site as a whole averages around 2,500 distinct hosts a week. Now, every page on the site will carry at least three adverts.

When an advert appears on the site users will be able to click through to the advertiser's website or any other listing (such as the Thompson Directory), which is where a lot of the ads currently rotating on the site point to.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter is trying Google AdWords to see if it is possible to generate revenue to cover the site's serving costs.

Since it launched in 1998, this site has been hosted for free by the Positive Internet Company. Positive is happy to continue to host the site, but we would like to start paying our way, particularly now the traffic to the site is so large. In 2005 this site served more than 700,000 pages.

We have ticked all the boxes to make sure we block any adverts that could cause offence. However, if any appear, please let us know and we will block them too.

You can discuss the decision to try adverts on the site in a thread currently running in the forum.

21 January 2006

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