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Vandals fell festive tree

The vandalised Christmas tree on Bradmore Green
A saw appears to have been used to cut through the trunk of the Bradmore Green Christmas tree
It brightened Bradmore Green for more than a month, was the focal point for community carols and good will, and was felled by vandals overnight.

The Brookmans Park Christmas tree was chopped down between the evening of Sunday, January 2, and Monday morning, January 3.

The tree was put up by Potters Bar and Brookmans Park Rotary, along with local volunteers, and was responsible for bringing several hundred local residents together for carols around the green.

If anyone saw anyone acting suspiciously around the tree on Sunday night, you can contact the local police on 01707 638100. You can discuss the vandalism in this site's forum

3 January 2005

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