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Recycling collection calendar 2005

A brown garden waste recycling wheelie bin
The fortnightly recycling plan begins in April
New timetables have been drawn up for the local recycling collections, running until September 2005.

From April, recycling will take place fortnightly for paper, glass, and compost.

There is a total of 20 rounds in Welwyn Hatfield district. Each round is colour coded and collections on each round take place on different days

The campaign is organised by Hertfordshire's WasteAware.

All local residents should have had a timetable posted through their door.

The brochure, put out by Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC), lists what should and what should not be put in the recycling containers.

Garden waste bins/sacks - brown/clear
Yes = grass cuttings, plants & weeds, hedge clippings, woody prunings, flowers, leaves, bark.
No = soil or peat, gravel or stones, plant pots or seed trays, meat, bones, fish, vegetable parings, kitchen waste, pet litter, nappies, sanitary products, plastic, paper, card, glass, metal, textiles.

Glass collection boxes - red
Yes = bottles, jars, ketchup/sauce bottles.
No = broken sheet, window, drinking glasses.

Paper collection boxes - green
Yes = newspapers, magazines, junk mail, directories.
No = envelopes, card & cardboard, yellow pages, shredded paper.

WHDC says the timetables for the 20 rounds are not reproduced online. Much of Brookmans Park is covered by the 'Lemon Round', a large part of Welham Green is covered by the 'Sky Blue Round', Uplands is covered by the 'Orange Round', and Swanley Bar Lane and Hawkshead Lane by the 'Lime Round'.

The following is the WHDC collection timetable for the 'Lemon Round', which covers much of Brookmans Park. If any local residents on a different colour round care to input the dates for their rounds in North Mymms it would be a great help. Please do so using the existing forum thread..

Date Collecting
Mon 24 January Paper and compost
Mon 31 January Glass
Mon 7 February Paper only
Mon 21 February Paper and compost
Mon 28 February Glass only
Mon 7 March Paper only
Mon 21 March Paper and compost
Mon 4 April Paper and glass
Mon 11 April Garden waste
Mon 18 April Paper and glass
Mon 25 April Garden waste
Sat 7 May Paper and glass
Mon 9 May Garden waste
Mon 16 May Paper and glass
Mon 23 May Garden waste
Sat 4 June Paper and glass
Mon 6 June Garden waste
Mon 13 June Paper and glass
Mon 20 June Garden waste
Mon 27 June Paper and glass
Mon 4 July Garden waste
Mon 11 July Paper and glass
Mon 18 July Garden waste
Mon 25 July Paper and glass
Mon 1 August Garden waste
Mon 8 August Paper and glass
Mon 15 August Garden waste
Mon 22 August Paper and glass
Sat 3 September Garden waste
Mon 5 September Paper and glass
Mon 12 September Garden waste
Mon 19 September Paper and glass
Mon 26 September Garden waste

WHDC has offered the following 'useful numbers'

  • Refuse/recycling hotline - 01707-357815
  • Mailing preference service (to reduce junk mail) 08457-034599
  • Furniture re-use schemes. Wot-nots - 01707-273294 or CVS - 01707-274861
  • Home composter offer - 0870-8443020 (quote Hertfordshire offer)
  • WOT-EVER Scrapstore (re-use art & craft materials) 01707-371719

Could this signal the end for garden bonfires and fly tipping? You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 18, 2005

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