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Chancellorís acting headteacher confirmed

St Albans Cathedral
A selection panel will now work towards appointing a new headteacher for Chancellor's
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Brian Towndrow has been confirmed as acting headteacher at Chancellorís school following the death of Paul Wormleighton earlier this month.

The decision was reached by the schoolís Senior Management Team (SMT) and passed on to all parents in a letter from the school governors.

In the letter parents were thanked for all the "kind words and support for the school and staff since the sad news concerning Mr. Paul Wormleighton.

The letter said the SMT, school staff, and pupils are doing "a magnificent job in maintaining the usual activities at the school in difficult circumstances."

Parents were told that it had been agreed to set up a selection panel of five governors to appoint a new headteacher and that the selection panel would include the SMT, staff, and pupils in that decision.

"The governing body has confirmed Mr. Brian Towndrow as acting headteacher and we have every confidence that he will continue to work with Mr. Steve Parker and Mrs. Vera Freeman, and the rest of Chancellorís staff, to maintain and improve the standards set by Mr. Paul Wormleighton."

The SMT has already divided the headteacher leadership and management duties between members. The letter ends saying that the recruitment of a headteacher is the most important responsibility of a governing body "and we will accept nothing less than the right person for the job as headteacher of Chancellorís School."

"Mr. Paul Wormleightonís many skills included good planning and communication, which means that the SMT is able to deliver on targets set and agreed by him and the governors."

A memorial service is being held on Monday 9 February, when a memorial service will be held at St Albans Cathedral at 2.30pm. All are invited to attend.

You can also leave tributes to Paul Wormleighton in a special forum thread. The page of messages will be forwarded to the school.

31 January 2004

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