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Cathedral memorial for head

St Albans Cathedral
The memorial is to be held at St Albans Cathedral

A memorial service is to be held in St Albans Cathedral on Monday 9 February for Chancellorís headteacher Paul Wormleighton.

The school says the flowers and messages of condolence that have been flooding into the school over "these difficult days" have been a "source of strength" to all staff, whoíve been overwhelmed by the response.

A letter, sent home with all pupils on Friday 23 January, said that the family of Mr. Wormleighton has asked for their thanks and gratitude to be passed on to all concerned.

The school will close for the whole day on Monday 9 February, for the memorial service at St Albans Cathedral which begins at 2.30pm. All are invited to attend.

A book of condolence has been opened in the main reception at Chancellorís school.

A Paul Wormleighton Memorial Fund has been set up to "enhance the all round education of present and future pupils." The school says this is a "fitting tribute to a man who has given so much to young people over a lifetime of service."

Donations can be made by cheque to "The Paul Wormleighton Memorial Fund". They should be put in an envelope marked 'Memorial Fund', and send to the school office.

Staff at the school say they are determined "maintain the ethos and standards that Paul Wormleighton instilled in us all. The team that he put in place will ensure that we do not deviate from the course that he has set."

People wanting to send condolences to the family are asked to do so in writing to the school. You can also leave tributes to Paul Wormleighton in a special forum thread. The page of messages will be forwarded to the school.

23 January 2004

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