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Snow photo gallery added

The canal at Gobions
The canal at Gobions
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A photo gallery has been built which includes 50 images of the recent snowfall.

The service is provided by the

Click here to access the new gallery.

There is a facility on the site to click and enlarge all images to their full size. First you have to click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image, then click on it again to fill your screen.

If you see a picture you like, and want professionally produced prints, you can order them from the company providing the service. This company and this service has nothing to do with the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

Alternatively, if you have a clever computer, a colour printer, and some photo paper, you can right click on the image you want, save it to your computer, and then print it off yourself.

When you first click on a thumbnail a copyright notice "© Brookmans Park Newsletter" will appear. Don't worry about this. Click on the image and the next full-sized one that appears won't have the copyright, so you can print it off without the writing.

You can discuss the the recent snow fall in this site’s forum.

29 January 2004

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