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Another day of snow and ice

Snow on Moffats Lane
Moffats Lane, Brookmans Park
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Brookmans Park Primary and Chancellor's School are closed today because of the snow.

A parent of a pupil at Lochinver House has mailed this site to say that school is also closed, but we are waiting for confirmation from the school.

At one point this morning this site had 57 users looking for information about the schools. This site will not announce school closures without official confirmation, however parents are able to post any information they have in the site's forum.

Could all parents with children at local schools please encourage those schools to select someone with the responsibility to post to this site's forum in the event of school closures.

It would need to be someone in an official position who could give reliable information for the benefit of all parents using this site. This site will give each school a log on name and a password known only to that person.

Such a system will enable the school to alert parents as soon as they know their schools are to remain closed.

The BBC’s weather centre is forecasting widespread ice across the UK with further snow showers in the north and east later today.

Forecasters are also warning that icy conditions will make the journey to work difficult for many people.

Late yesterday afternoon the snow arrived in North Mymms, and by 5pm traffic had started to build up on local roads as some vehicles became trapped.

Eventually they were cleared, but not before several drivers had decided to abandon their cars and walk home.

The BBC says the snow, which fell across much of the UK, froze during the night and that, in turn, will make driving conditions treacherous this morning.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

29 January 2004

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